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Things to do in Baltimore

Don’t miss onto these things to do when in Baltimore. Check them out:

  • National Aquarium: This is one of the best aquariums in Baltimore that will take you across the unseen water-world. You and your family will love to spend time looking at amazing aquatic animals. This aquatic museum is so perfectly planned that you can even touch creatures in the aquarium. It’s just fantastic, spending time with bottle-nose dolphins in the Marine Mammal Pavilion. This National Aquarium is located on the harbor and one can easily spot its seven storeyed glass building.

  • Lexington Market:Shopping is the most attractive thing to do in nay place you go. Everybody likes to go shopping around for hours and come back to the hotel room with loads of shopping bags. If you want to visit the best market in Baltimore it is the Lexington Market. It is also considered the oldest operative market in Baltimore. The market offers great fun with the crab cakes from Faidley’s Seafood, Sweets from Berger’s Bakery and along with this you can also enjoy the musical performances often performed in the market. Go shopping!

  • Inner Harbor:If you are an art lover, add this thing to do in your list. Inner Harbor is pride of Baltimore; its lovely horse-shoe shape harbor is contiguous with restaurants and eateries. And a grand esplanade features the all-sail man-of-war battleship shipUSS Constellation, launched in 1854. Inner Harbor is a nice place in Baltimore that will make you relive history with the heroes of that time.

  • Fort McHenry:The next thing to do in Baltimore is visiting Baltimore Harbor where Fort McHenry is located. This city attraction is looked upon with pride because it was the place that gave birth to the National Anthem of Baltimore. Francis Scott Key while looking at the flag wave upon this fort was completely inspired to pay a tribute to the stars and stripes on it and thus wrote a song which later was declared the National Anthem. Once you visit this place you will get to hear a lot more enthralling heroic stories that lay embedded behind the walls of this fort.

  • Edgar Allen Poe House and Museum:You must have heard about the great poet and writerEdgar Allen Poe,now if you are in Baltimore you are lucky enough to visit his House turned museum. The Edgar Allen Poe House and Museum is a three storeyed house where he took his last breath. Edgar Ellen Poe was a great English writer whose maximum works had a touch of horror and haunted places. He made his name in English literature and after his death his home turned into museum, for people to look the place where he produced great works.

    Obrycki's: It is sure that visiting so many places will make your family hungry and tired. To revitalize them visit Fells Point in Obrycki. AT this restaurant you can relish numerous crab delicacies like crab soup, crab cakes and a special dish, blue crabs that have to be hammered to remove the shell before you eat it. Don’t worry! If you do not wish to eat crabs, you are offered chicken, hamburgers and steak too. To top up these delicacies, get yourself the house beer locally made especially for Obrycki.

Baltimore Travel Guide
  • Ram's Head Tavern:Baltimore has a wonderful nightlife. You can enjoy and pass time at lavish night clubs. Ram’s Head Tavern is the best place to see nightlife in Baltimore. It has everything from jazz to rock, classic to hip hop music for its visitors. This reputed restaurant accommodates 1600 guests in its multi-level hall. The restaurant menu offers the widest variety in appetizers, food, beverages and deserts.  You will remember the place forever once you see its fabulous nightlife in its true colors.

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